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And that was how I was exposed to a lot of Cuban music too

Yet without the Buena Vista, I wonder how much interest people would have in my group. And that was how I was exposed to a lot of Cuban music too. It was a great starting point. For one, the wreckage Raines found appeared to lack fire damage.Raines continued to search the waters for the Clotilda, eventually helping scientists locate the correct wreck. “Ben was the first to touch it, Ben was the first to suspect it,” team leader James Delgado told NPR.Researchers said the wreck identified on Wednesday showed signs of burns, matching archival records.Accessing the wreck presented myriad dangers, Delgado added. There was pitch black and fast moving water, shattered timber, and visits from water moccasins and alligators, he told NPR.The commission said it is coordinating with the governor’s office, law enforcement and the Department of Conservation to keep the site protected.The work was carried out in collaboration with the Black Heritage Council, National Geographic Society, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History Culture and other organizations.Lisa Demetropoulos Jones, executive director of the commission, said the “voyage represented one of the darkest eras of modern history.” She added, “This new discovery brings the tragedy of slavery into focus while witnessing the triumph and resilience of the human spirit.”.

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And that was how I was exposed to a lot of Cuban music too
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