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Artist Adrian Moakes visited schools and retirement homes

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Hermes Handbags A new tree sculpture in Ashby. Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersPositioned outside Hood Park Leisure Centre, it was commissioned by North West Leicestershire District Council in homage to Ashby location in the National Forest.Artist Adrian Moakes visited schools and retirement homes, and attended consultation events to create a piece of work residents would enjoy.However, according to an online poll, they have been less than impressed, Leicestershire Live reports.The poll on the Spotted Ashby de la Zouch Facebook page showed that after about 2,000 votes had been cast only 24 per cent of people felt it was “money well spent” while 76 per cent said it should have been “used for something better”.The voting continues until March 26.People commenting on the sculpture online included James Birkin who said: “What a waste of money. I could [have] built it cheaper.”Supermarket recalls chocolate product over host of allergy risks ingredientsMillie Emery said: “Is this so that once all the housing developments have taken over every bit of green land, our children can be reminded of what a tree kind of looks like?”Davina Harley was among several Facebook users suggesting better uses for the money.She said: “I sure NWLDC could have spent the money on something else particularly Coalville.”Maybe a new play park for kids or do something with Hotel Street? It like all these councillors decisions just a waste of money.”Susan Jones said: “They could [have] made the access into the car park wider Hermes Handbags.

Artist Adrian Moakes visited schools and retirement homes
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